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All Country & State Index

    The following is a hierarchical listing of all Sections of Ova Yonda Travel Centre & Hotel Reservation Network. This list does not contain any of the cities for any of the listed countries, provinces or states below.

Ova Yonda Lodging Centre & Hotel Reservation Network

  1. Western Europe Lodging Centre - Index
    1. Andorra - parliamentary principality, southwestern Europe, the eastern Pyrenees Mountains
    2. Belgium - (French Belgique; Dutch België), constitutional monarchy in northwestern Europe
    3. Faeroe Islands - island group, an integral part of Denmark, located; North Atlantic Ocean,
    4. France - (French République Française), republic in western Europe,
    5. Gibraltar - British dependency, comprising the rocky promontory, called the Rock of Gibraltar
    6. Ireland - British Isles, westernmost & second largest of the group, in the North Atlantic Ocean,
    7. Luxembourg - officially Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, country in western Europe,
    8. Portugal - republic, southwestern Europe, situated in the western portion of the Iberian Peninsula,
    9. Scotland - administrative division of the kingdom of Great Britain,
    10. Spain - (Spanish España), constitutional monarchy of southwestern Europe,
    11. Switzerland - (French Suisse; German Schweiz; Italian Svizzera), republic in west central Europe,
    12. United Kingdom - United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, a parliamentary monarchy in northwestern Europe, Includes listings for Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
  2. Eastern Europe Lodging Centre - Index
    1. Albania - republic in southeastern Europe, located in the western part of the Balkan Peninsula
    2. Austria - (German Österreich), republic in central Europe,
    3. Belarus - independent republic in eastern Europe
    4. Bosnia - Bosnia and Herzegovina, republic in southeastern Europe
    5. Bulgaria - republic in southeastern Europe, situated in the Balkan Peninsula.
    6. Croatia - (Croatian Hrvatska), republic in southeastern Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula
    7. Cyprus - republic, and third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea
    8. Czech -  Czech Republic, landlocked republic in central Europe,
    9. Denmark - monarchy in northwestern Europe, the southernmost of the Scandinavian countries
    10. Estonia - (Estonian Eesti), republic in northeastern Europe
    11. Finland - (Finnish Suomi), republic in northern Europe,
    12. Germany - Federal Republic of (German Bundesrepublik Deutschland), country in central Europe,
    13. Greece - officially, Hellenic Republic (Greek Ellinikí Dimokratía), country in southeastern Europe,
    14. Hungary - (Hungarian Magyarország), landlocked republic in central Europe,
    15. Iceland - (Icelandic, Ísland), island republic, in the North Atlantic Ocean,
    16. Italy - (Italian Italia), republic in southern Europe,
    17. Latvia - (Lettish Latvija), republic in northeastern Europe,
    18. Liechtenstein - Liechtenstein, independent principality in central Europe;
    19. Lithuania - (Lithuanian Lietuva), republic in northeastern Europe,
    20. Macedonia - region in southeastern Europe, in the south central part of the Balkan Peninsula
    21. Malta - independent republic in the Commonwealth of Nations, a small group of islands
    22. Moldova - independent republic in southeastern Europe,
    23. Monaco - small independent principality of Europe, forming an enclave in southeastern France,
    24. Netherlands - also known unofficially as Holland, constitutional monarchy of northwestern Europe
    25. Norway - Kingdom of Norway (Norwegian Kongeriket Norge), monarchy in northern Europe
    26. Poland - Republic of Poland (Polish Polska Rzeczpospolita), country in central Europe,
    27. Romania - republic in southeastern Europe, bounded on the north by Ukraine;
    28. Russia - independent republic in eastern Europe and Asia,
    29. San Marino - republic in southern Europe, an enclave in northern Italy
    30. Serbia & Montenegro - Serbia (Serbo-Croatian Srbija), constituent republic of Yugoslavia
    31. Slovakia (Slovak Republic) - landlocked republic in central Europe,
    32. Slovenia - (Slovenian Slovenija), republic in southeastern Europe, in the Balkan Peninsula,
    33. Sweden - Konungariket Sverige (Kingdom of Sweden), constitutional monarchy in northern Europe,
    34. Turkey - officially the Republic of Turkey (Turkish Türkiye Cumhuriyeti), southeastern Europe
    35. Ukraine - republic in eastern Europe,
  3. Oceania Region Lodging Centre - Index
    1. American Samoa - a group of seven islands in the southern Pacific Ocean
    2. Australia - island continent located southeast of Asia and forming, with the nearby island of Tasmania, the Commonwealth of Australia,
    3. Cook Islands - self-governing island group in free association with New Zealand, comprising two groups of widely scattered islands in the South Pacific Ocean
    4. Fiji - independent island nation in the southern Pacific Ocean, located approximately 3100 km (approximately 1900 mi) northeast of Sydney, Australia
    5. French Polynesia - consisting of several groups of small islands scattered over a wide area of the eastern South Pacific Ocean
    6. French Southern Territories - Kerguelen and Crozet archipelagoes (see Kerguelen Islands) and the islands of Saint-Paul and Amsterdam, all located in the southern Indian Ocean
    7. Guam - island in the western North Pacific Ocean, unincorporated territory of the United States,
    8. Indian Ocean Islands - Indian Ocean, the smallest of the earth's three great oceans
    9. Micronesia - the islands of the Pacific Ocean east of the Philippines, and for the most part north of the equator.
    10. New Caledonia - comprises the island of New Caledonia and a number of smaller islands and island groups
    11. New Zealand - comprises two large islands-North Island and South Island-and numerous smaller islands, including Stewart Island to the south of South Island.
    12. Northern Mariana Islands - approximately 16 coral and volcanic islands, including all of the Mariana Islands except Guam
    13. Palau - part of the island group of Micronesia. An archipelago of about 200 islands, Palau is situated near the equator about 850 km (about 500 mi) east of the Philippines
    14. Papua New Guinea - the eastern half of the island of New Guinea, called the mainland;
    15. Vanuatu - consisting of a group of about 70 islands. Among the principal islands are Espiritu Santo (the largest), Malakula, Efate, Erromango, and Ambrym
  4. Caribbean Nations Lodging Centre - Index
    1. Anguilla - West Indies, archipelago in the northern part of the western hemisphere,
    2. Antigua And Barbuda - independent island state, West Indies, in the eastern Caribbean Sea.
    3. Aruba - island in the West Indies, in the Caribbean Sea, near the Paraguaná Peninsula of Venezuela
    4. Bahamas - officially Commonwealth of the Bahamas, independent state, West Indies,
    5. Barbados - independent state and easternmost island of the West Indies.
    6. Bermuda - island group, self-governing dependency of Great Britain, in the North Atlantic Ocean, east of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.
    7. Cayman Islands - dependency of Great Britain, in the West Indies, in the Caribbean Sea
    8. Dominica - island republic in the West Indies, lying in the Caribbean Sea, approximately midway between the islands of Guadeloupe (on the north) and Martinique (on the south)
    9. Dominican Republic - republic of the West Indies, the eastern two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola
    10. Grenada - independent state in the West Indies, comprising the island of Grenada and some of the southern Grenadines
    11. Guadeloupe - French West Indies, off the northwestern coast of South America, in the eastern Caribbean Sea.
    12. Haiti - independent republic of the West Indies, the western third of the island of Hispaniola
    13. Jamaica - third largest island of the Greater Antilles of the West Indies, situated south of Cuba.
    14. Martinique - in the French West Indies, in the eastern Caribbean Sea, off the northwestern coast of South America.
    15. Netherlands Antilles - integral part of the Netherlands, comprising two island groups of three islands each, the Netherlands Leeward and the Netherlands Windward islands,
    16. Puerto Rico - commonwealth of the United States, composed of one large island and several small islands.
    17. Saint Kitts And Nevis - eastern Caribbean Sea, a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, comprising two of the Leeward Islands, Saint Kitts and Nevis, in the West Indies.
    18. Saint Lucia - independent island state, one of the Windward Islands, West Indies, southeastern Caribbean Sea, between Martinique on the north and Saint Vincent on the south
    19. St Vincent And The Grenadines - Windward Islands group in the southeastern Caribbean Sea, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines lies south of Saint Lucia and north of Grenada.
    20. Trinidad And Tobago - comprising the southernmost of the Caribbean islands, namely, Trinidad and Tobago and adjacent islets situated off the coast of Venezuela.
    21. Turks And Caicos Islands - British dependency in the West Indies, southeast of the Bahamas
    22. Virgin Islands - British - group of 36 islands east of Puerto Rico, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, forming part of the Lesser Antilles in the West Indies,
    23. Virgin Islands - U.S. - group of 3 islands and about 50 islets, most of which are uninhabited, in the Lesser Antilles chain of the West Indies, east of Puerto Rico and lying between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean
  5. United States Lodging Centre - Divided into five geographical regions
  6. Eastern, (Far East & Middle East), Nations - Index
    1. Armenia - Armenia, republic in the Transcaucasia region of western Asia
    2. Azerbaijan - Azerbaijan, republic in the Transcaucasia region of western Asia
    3. Bahrain - Bahrain or Bahrein, independent state in southwestern Asia
    4. Bangladesh - Bangladesh, in full, People's Republic of Bangladesh, republic of southern Asia
    5. Brunei Darussalam - sultanate located on the northern coast of the island of Borneo, in eastern Asia,
    6. Cambodia - republic in southeastern Asia, bounded on the northeast by Laos, on the east and southeast by Vietnam,
    7. China - country in East Asia, the world's third largest country by area (after Russia and Canada) and the largest by population.
    8. East Timor - island in southern Indonesia, in the Malay Archipelago, the largest and easternmost of the Lesser Sunda Islands.
    9. Georgia - republic in the Transcaucasia region of western Asia, bordered by the Black Sea on the west, Russia on the north,
    10. Hong Kong - mainland portion located on the southeastern coast of China and more than 200 islands.
    11. India - situated in the subcontinent of India and comprising, with Pakistan and Bangladesh, the 17 territories formerly included in British India
    12. Indonesia - designation officially applied, after September 20, 1948, to the Netherlands Indies,
    13. Israel - republic in southwestern Asia, located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea.
    14. Japan - constitutional monarchy in eastern Asia, comprising four large islands, as well as the Ryukyu Islands and more than 1000 lesser adjacent islands
    15. Jordan -  kingdom in southwestern Asia, bounded on the north by Syria, on the east by Iraq and Saudi Arabia
    16. Kazakhstan - republic in Central Asia, bounded on the north by Russia; on the east by China;
    17. Korea - peninsula, Asia, divided since 1948 into two political entities: the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) and the Republic of Korea (South Korea)
    18. Kuwait - independent state in southwestern Asia, on the northwestern coast of the Persian Gulf.
    19. Kyrgyzstan - Kyrgyz Republic, independent republic in Central Asia
    20. Laos - Lao People's Democratic Republic, independent state of Southeast Asia,
    21. Lebanon - republic in southwestern Asia, bounded on the north and east by Syria, on the southeast and south by Israel
    22. Macau - overseas territory of Portugal, on the southeastern coast of China, west of Hong Kong.
    23. Malaysia - constitutional monarchy in Southeast Asia, on the South China Sea, a member of the Commonwealth of Nations
    24. Maldives - island republic in southern Asia, located in the northern Indian Ocean, southwest of the southern tip of India.
    25. Nepal -  constitutional monarchy of southern Asia, bounded on the north by the Tibetan Autonomous Region in China and on the east, south, and west by India
    26. Oman - independent state, extending about 1610 km (about 1000 mi) along the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula,
    27. Pakistan - republic in southern Asia, bounded on the north and northwest by Afghanistan, on the northeast by Jammu and Kashmìr
    28. Philippines - republic in the western Pacific Ocean, made up of the Philippine Islands and forming in physical geography a part of the Malay Archipelago
    29. Qatar - independent state occupying the Qatar Peninsula, jutting into the Persian Gulf from the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula
    30. Russia - independent republic in eastern Europe and Asia, which was established on December 25, 1991, and includes 21 ethnically based republics,
    31. Saudi Arabia - monarchy in southwestern Asia, occupying most of the Arabian Peninsula.
    32. Singapore - independent city-state in southeastern Asia, comprising one major island and more than 50 small adjacent islets, located off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula
    33. Sri Lanka - island republic in the Indian Ocean off the southeastern coast of India, a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.
    34. Taiwan - island in East Asia, the seat of the government of the Republic of China, also claimed by China as a province.
    35. Tajikistan - independent nation in Central Asia, bordered on the north by Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, on the east by China, on the south by Afghanistan, and on the west by Uzbekistan.
    36. Thailand - formerly Siam, officially Kingdom of Thailand, kingdom in Southeast Asia,
    37. Turkey - officially the Republic of Turkey (Turkish Türkiye Cumhuriyeti), southeastern Europe and southwestern Asia
    38. Turkmenistan - republic in Central Asia, bordered on the north by Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, on the east by Uzbekistan and Afghanistan,
    39. United Arab Emirates - federation of seven independent states lying along the east central coast of the Arabian Peninsula.
    40. Uzbekistan - republic in Central Asia, bordered on the west and north by Kazakhstan, on the east by Kyrgyzstan, on the southeast by Tajikistan, and on the south by Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.
    41. Viet Nam - republic of Southeast Asia, bordered by China on the north, the South China Sea on the east and south, and Cambodia and Laos on the west.
    42. Yemen - country in southwestern Asia, on the southwestern corner of the Arabian Peninsula.
  7. African Nations Lodging Centre - Index
    1. Algeria - officially Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria, republic of western North Africa;
    2. Benin - republic in western Africa, on the Gulf of Guinea. Known in full as the Republic of Benin,
    3. Botswana - republic in southern Africa, a landlocked country,
    4. Burkina Faso - formerly Upper Volta, republic in western Africa,
    5. Burundi - landlocked republic in eastern Africa,
    6. Cameroon - republic in western Africa, bounded on the north by Lake Chad;
    7. Chad - Republic of, republic in north central Africa.
    8. Congo - Republic of the, republic in west central Africa,
    9. Cote D'ivoire - (French for "Ivory Coast"), republic in western Africa,
    10. Djibouti - republic in northeastern Africa, formerly French Territory of the Afars and the Issas.
    11. Egypt - officially Arab Republic of Egypt, country in northeastern Africa and southwestern Asia.
    12. Eritrea - independent state in Africa,
    13. Ethiopia - formerly Abyssinia, republic in eastern Africa,
    14. Gabon - (French République Gabonaise), independent nation in west central Africa,
    15. Gambia - republic within the Commonwealth of Nations, situated on the western coast of Africa,
    16. Ghana - country in western Africa,
    17. Guinea - formerly People's Revolutionary Republic of Guinea, nation in western Africa,
    18. Kenya - republic in Africa, a member of the Commonwealth of Nations,
    19. Lesotho - formerly Basutoland, country in southern Africa,
    20. Malawi - republic in southeastern Africa, formerly the British protectorate of Nyasaland,
    21. Mali - Republic of, republic in northwestern Africa,
    22. Mauritania - Islamic Republic of, republic in northwestern Africa,
    23. Mauritius - independent island republic in the western Indian Ocean,
    24. Morocco - (Arabic Al Mamlakah al Maghribìyah), hereditary monarchy
    25. Mozambique - republic in southeastern Africa,
    26. Namibia - formerly South-West Africa, republic in southwestern Africa,
    27. Nigeria - Federal Republic of, republic in western Africa,
    28. Reunion - region of France, largest of the Mascarene island group in the Indian Ocean
    29. Rwanda - republic in east central Africa,
    30. Senegal - republic in western Africa,
    31. Seychelles - republic, an archipelago of 115 islands, scattered across the western Indian Ocean,
    32. South Africa - Republic of, republic in southern Africa,
    33. Swaziland - independent monarchy in southeastern Africa,
    34. Tanzania - United Republic of, republic in southeastern Africa,
    35. Togo - republic in West Africa, bounded on the north by Burkina Faso (Upper Volta)
    36. Tunisia - republic of northern Africa, bounded on the north and east by the Mediterranean Sea
    37. Uganda - republic in eastern Africa, bounded on the north by Sudan
    38. Zaire - No Hotels Available
    39. Zambia - republic in south central Africa,
    40. Zimbabwe - landlocked republic in southern Africa,
  8. Mexico Territories Lodging Centre - Index
    1. Acapulco
    2. Acuna, Coahuila
    3. Aguascalientes
    4. Akumal
    5. Altamira
    6. Apodaca
    7. Atlacomulco
    8. Bahia De Banderas
    9. Bahia De Santa Cruz
    10. Bahia De Tangolunda
    11. Boca Del Rio
    12. Buenavista
    13. abo San Lucas
    14. Cadereyta Jimenez
    15. Campeche
    16. Cancun
    17. Celaya
    18. Celestun
    19. Chetumal
    20. Chiapas
    21. Chichen Itza
    22. Chihuahua
    23. Cihuatlan
    24. Ciudad Del Carmen
    25. Ciudad Juarez
    26. Ciudad Madero
    27. Ciudad Obregon
    28. Ciudad Victoria
    29. Coatepec
    30. Coatzacoalcos
    31. Cocoyoc
    32. Col. Portales
    33. Colima
    34. Contepec
    35. Costa Careyes
    36. Cozumel
    37. Creel
    38. Cuauhtemoc
    39. Cuernavaca
    40. Culiacan
    41. Delicias
    42. Durango
    43. El Carmen
    44. Ensenada
    45. Fortaleza
    46. Garza Garcia
    47. Gomez Palacio, Durango
    48. Guadalajara
    49. Guanajuato
    50. Guaymas, San Carlos
    51. Hermosillo
    52. Huamantla
    53. Huatulco
    54. Irapuato
    55. Isla Holbox
    56. Isla Mujeres
    57. Ixtapa
    58. Jalisco
    59. Jiutepec
    60. Juarez
    61. La Paz
    62. La Piedad
    63. Lagos De Moreno
    64. Lazaro Cardenas
    65. Leon
    66. Leon Guanajuato
    67. Loreto
    68. Los Cabos
    69. Los Mochis
    70. Luis Donaldo Colosio
    71. Madero
    72. Manzanillo
    73. Matamoros
    74. Matehuala
    75. Mayan Riviera
    76. Mazatlan
    77. Mexicali
    78. Merida
    79. Mexico City
    80. Michoacan
    81. Monclova
    82. Monterrey
    83. Morelia
    84. Morelos
    85. Naucalpan
    86. Navojoa
    87. Nogales
    88. Nueva Mazatlan, Sinaloa
    89. Nuevo Gauymas
    90. Nuevo Vallarta
    91. Oaxaca
    92. Obregon
    93. Orizaba
    94. Pachuca
    95. Palenque
    96. Patzcuaro
    97. Piedras Negras
    98. Playa Del Carmen
    99. Poza Rica
    100. Puebla
    101. Puerto Aventuras
    102. Puerto Escondido
    103. Puerto Morelos
    104. Puerto Penasco
    105. Puerto Vallarta
    106. Queretaro
    107. Reynosa
    108. Riviera Maya
    109. Riviera Maya C.P.
    110. Saltillo
    111. San Carlos
    112. San Carlos Nuevo Guaymas
    113. an Cristobal De Las Casas
    114. San Jose Del Cabo
    115. San Luis Potosi
    116. San Miguel De Allende
    117. San Miguel De Allende, Guanajuato
    118. San Pedro Cholula
    119. San Pedro Garza Garcia
    120. Santa Rosa
    121. Santiago Tianguistenco
    122. Silao-Guanajuato
    123. onora (San Carlos)
    124. Tamaulipas
    125. Tampico
    126. Tapachula, Chiapas
    127. Taxco
    128. Temozon Sur
    129. Tenacatita
    130. Tequesquitengo
    131. Tijuana
    132. Tixkokob, Yucatan
    133. Tlalnepantla
    134. Tlaquepaque Jal
    135. Tlaxcala
    136. Toluca
    137. Torreon
    138. Torreón, Coahuila
    139. Tulum
    140. Tuxtla Gutierrez
    141. Uayamon, Campeche
    142. Urique Copper Canyon
    143. Uxmal
    144. Valle De Bravo
    145. Veracruz
    146. Victoria
    147. Villahermosa
    148. Xalapa
    149. Xpu Ha Riviera Maya
    150. Yelchac
    151. Yucatan
    152. Zacatecas
    153. Zihuataneja - Ixtapa
    154. Zihuatanejo
  9. Canada Territories Lodging Centre - Index
    1. Alberta - province in western Canada, the most westerly of the three Prairie provinces
    2. British Columbia - Pacific coast province in western Canada, bounded on the north by Yukon Territory and the Northwest Territories
    3. Manitoba - province in south central Canada and the easternmost of Canada's three Prairie provinces.
    4. New Brunswick - province in eastern Canada. It is the largest of the three Maritime provinces.
    5. Newfoundland - Newfoundland and Labrador, easternmost province of Canada.
    6. Northwest Territory - encompassing all Canadian land north of 60° north latitude, except for the Yukon Territory.
    7. Nova Scotia - province of eastern Canada, consisting of a mainland peninsula, Cape Breton Island, and numerous small islands.
    8. Ontario - known as the Heartland Province. It is the economic center of Canada.
    9. Prince Edward Island -smallest province of Canada. It is one of the Maritime provinces (along with New Brunswick and Nova Scotia).
    10. Quebec - largest province of Canada.
    11. Saskatchewan - province in western Canada. Saskatchewan borders Manitoba on the east, Alberta on the west, the Northwest Territories on the north,
    12. Yukon Territory - administrative region of northwestern Canada.
  10. South America Nations Lodging Centre - Index
    1. Argentina - Argentina or Argentine Republic, federal republic in southern South America
    2. Bolivia - Bolivia, republic in central South America
    3. Brazil - Brazil (Portuguese Brasil), federal republic, the largest country in South America
    4. Chile - Chile, republic in southwestern South America,
    5. Colombia - Colombia, republic in South America, situated in the northwestern part of the continent
    6. Ecuador - Ecuador, republic in northwestern South America
    7. French Guiana - French Guiana, overseas department of France, situated on the northeastern coast
    8. Guyana - Guyana, in full Co-operative Republic of Guyana, republic on the northern coast
    9. Paraguay - Paraguay, inland republic in South America,
    10. Peru - Peru, country in west central South America,
    11. St. Helena - Saint Helena, island, British dependency of Saint Helena, also includes Ascension
    12. Suriname - Suriname, formerly Dutch Guiana, a republic of northeastern South America
    13. Uruguay - Uruguay, (República Oriental del Uruguay), republic in east central South America
    14. Venezuela - Venezuela, republic in South America
  11. Central America Nations Lodging Centre - Index
    1. Belize - Belize, independent state, northeastern Central America
    2. Costa Rica - Costa Rica, republic in southern Central America,
    3. El Salvador - El Salvador, republic in northeastern Central America,
    4. Guatemala - Guatemala, republic of Central America,
    5. Honduras - Honduras, republic in Central America,
    6. Nicaragua - Nicaragua, largest republic of Central America
    7. Panama - Panama, republic, situated in the isthmus linking South America with Central and North America

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